The Juju's Feel Good Foods Story

Two High School Sweet Hearts taking over!  Their passion for food led them on a new journey. Jason and Melisa had the honor of buying this beautiful food truck from B&D Gourmet Foods. Then decided to name it after their daughter who goes by Juju.

This dynamic duo will continue to serve South Florida's best tasting soft serve and fabulous desserts, coupled with incredible juicy sandwiches, and choice of side. However be on the look out for new specialty dishes! 

On this food truck we continue to talk about the final experience...the end comes before the beginning. "We didn't want to try to be the best hamburger or french fry on the street​, but why not be the vendor that can take any meal and be the final punctuation mark; the incredible dessert that finalized the meal." And YES we can customize a menu for your special event!